The Women We Serve

We brighten the lives of women across the world. Read some of their stories here:

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"It has been difficult to find a job, being blind. People tend to see me as a risk, rather then a talented asset. I just need one person to see past the exterior and give me a chance to succeed. I am incredibly grateful to Dress for Success for helping me look beautiful and confident. Dressing professionally helps people see me and magnifies my qualifications."

Valerie has since become an Inspirational Speaker. She aspires to motivate people and help them realize that life is worth living to the fullest despite any trials they encounter. Her attitude on life has been, and remains, "Sure, I may have lost my sight, but I have not lost my "vision" of how I want my life to be!"


Meet Maria. She is an amazingly warm and open-hearted woman with the most contagious smile you'll ever see. For the last three and a half years she has been homeless, living on the Jordan River Trail in Salt Lake City, lost to her addiction to drugs. Five months ago she enrolled at Valley Behavioral A&D Treatment. She flew through the program, worked hard, and has since graduated treatment. She is dedicated to staying sober, finding employment, and bettering her life.

"Dress for Success Salt Lake City has given me an opportunity to succeed in that step by getting me started with a professional wardrobe so that I may have the confidence to accomplish my future. Thank you Dress for Success, my experience was truly amazing."




"When you're a student it's really hard to afford food, let alone professional clothing for your internships and interviews. I talked to my advisor about my financial hardships and she referred me to Dress for Success Salt Lake City. I wish someone had told me about it sooner because it was an incredible opportunity. Their personal stylist was incredible. Not only did she find me a suit, shoes, and a beautiful bag for my interviews, but she taught me how to do my makeup too. I don't think I would have gotten my internship if it hadn't been for Dress for Success."


"I was in an abusive relationship for 20 years and when I finally decided to escape I found that I had nothing left. I had ruined relationships with my family, lost all of my belongings, and didn't trust anyone. Dress for Success Salt Lake City made me feel beautiful and confident again. It was more then the clothing--I have never felt so much love and compassion from a stranger before and it completely changed my life." 



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