Making your professional wardrobe POP!

By: Tracey Shane

When it comes to dressing professionally, developing a wardrobe or even just an outfit can take a lot of time and effort to perfect. Many times, when putting together a professional look, one can fall into the habit of dressing in the same color scheme day in and day out. Neutral colors and black are perfect for simplicity and they keep any look chic. It is important to add a pop of color every now and then. Here are three ways you can make your professional style pop.

  • Add color through accessories, jewelry, and makeup

    One of the easiest ways to add color into any look is through the use of accessories! Pairing colorful necklaces, earrings, scarves, or shoes will really pack a punch and make any look stand out. You can also try switching out your favorite lipstick color to something bolder. Just keep in mind that the rest of your makeup should be pretty neutral, and don’t go too crazy with neon colors.

  • Make prints your new best friend

    Colorful prints are perfect for incorporating color into your wardrobe. The simplest thing to do is pick out a top or bottom with a flattering print and pair it with your favorite black slacks. Simple as that! Make sure the print you select isn’t too distracting.

  • Find the right color for you

    Finding the right color scheme to incorporate into your looks is key! Test out a variety of colors and see which ones look the best and make you feel the best. Then add staples [pants, skirts, tops] in that color to your closet.

Now get out there and shine bright like a rainbow!