Together We Can Open All Doors for Women

By: Tracey Shane

At Dress for Success, we believe in the tremendous power of women helping other women. It’s what inspired our first suiting and it’s what will continue to inspire, well beyond our millionth. And it’s what will keep our doors open for decades to come.

Dress for Success Salt Lake City is excited to announce the #OpenDoorProject. The #OpenDoorProject is all about the inspiration you found from other women while finding your own success. Who were the women who helped you along the way, and opened the doors for you so you could achieve success? It is time to share your story and help empower other women who are looking for those very same doors that you may have once needed.

Join us by sharing your story. Grab your favorite pair of shoes, snap a pick, and share your own #OpenDoorProject story. Together we can help empower all women and open every door.

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