The Do(s) and Don't(s) of Interviewing


Interviewing, like most things, comes with it's own set of rules and guidelines. Let's take a look at some of the most common things that you should do, or not do, on your next interviews:


  • Dress for Success – Dress for the job you want. Research the standards for the field and dress accordingly. 

  • Visit the restroom before the interview or in between interviews if it is an all day process

  • Make good eye contact at all times

  • Be prepared for common interview questions, but do not have canned answers or replies

  • Look for something in common with interviewer by viewing items in their office or from their background (ask your consultant)

  • Take this opportunity to sell yourself—keep focused and do not let any information you hear during the interview affect your intensity or "game face"

  • Use common sense —be aware of the audience and surroundings from the moment you walk in the door until you leave

  • Listen to each question carefully and ask them to repeat the question if you need clarification

  • Demonstrate good body language—intensity, positive, enthusiastic…this communicates a lot about you and is always being evaluated

  • Get business cards and contact information from everyone you meet

  • Make sure you tell people "I like what I heard and am interested in the next step"

  • When answering questions, be concise and do not ramble on - avoid answering with yes or no

  • Take extra copies of your resume and references with you…always be prepared

  • Take good notes to use for follow-up

  • Be early and take a few minutes to get a feel for the culture and surroundings


  • Checkout during the interview (the goal is to get to the next step)

  • Have any physical distractions (dress, jewelry, perfumes etc.) that would affect the interviewer

  • Oversell yourself to the point it becomes a negative

  • Appear overconfident (sell yourself but also be humble when appropriate)

  • Make up an answer or exaggerate your accomplishments or technical skills (it will cause you problems)

  • Have a cell phone or beeper on during the interview – it is best not to bring them into the interview

  • Talk too much. The interview needs to be a two way dialogue and more of a conversation

  • Chew gum or use any body language that could be a possible distraction

  • Ask about money or benefits unless the interviewer specifically brings it up

  • Drink alcohol if going out to a lunch or dinner with the interviewer (use your good judgment)

  • Talk negative about your current or former job to include bosses, peers, company culture, etc.

Questions? Comments? Want us to talk about something specific? Let us know below!