Warrior Angels Founder Shares Secret to Confidence


Warrior Angels is an organization geared towards building confidence  and empowering women through the development of the '10 Warrior Virtues': Courage, Truth, Honor, Justice, Fidelity, Discipline, Self-Reliance, Resolution, Tranquility, and Vigor. Warrior Angels is also incredibly active and dedicated to giving back to the women in their community. We recently had the opportunity to ask the founder of this group, Debi Earle, a few questions.

1. What inspired you to start your group, Warrior Angels?

That's simple... God. I started learning how to shoot a couple of years ago and fell in love. I didn't grow up shooting, and in my first marriage, my former husband had a gun that I had to hide, so I wasn't ever inclined to learn. Going through some very intense domestic violence situations left me feeling very vulnerable and lacking in the skill of taking care of myself and my children. 

After going through a tumultuous divorce, I remarried and my husband took me to a couples safety class done by Randy Watt (now police chief of Ogden city) of One Warriors Creed. It was a force-on-force based training, and I failed miserably. But I didn't let that get me down. I fell in love with the challenge of being better, learning a new skill, and being the example to women that had gone through situations similar to mine. So I kept training, pushed through frustration and failure, and with Randy's help, took my power back. I now attend every training and have the confidence to know I can take care of myself, my children, and others if something were to occur. 

I also have a psychology and health/fitness background that I have been able to draw from, and a love of serving. I keep learning and growing every chance I have. Whether it be by reading, listening to podcasts, or continuing to learn through new skill sets. I've also, this past month, started to take up Krav Maga (Israeli combatives) to learn how to protect myself through self defense application, since this is another area I know very little about. 

My goal is simple. I love humanity. I absolutely love the training that I've received and love to serve humanity with the gifts and talents I've been blessed with and have had the ability to develop. I'm a civilian with no background in any of this stuff, a wife, a mother of a blended family of 10 children, a daughter, a sister, and a retired Mary Kay sales director. My plate is full, but I'm driven to help other women grow and feel empowered through sharing my experiences. I'm the liaison, the bridge in the tactical world. I'm not a competitive shooter, I'm a gun fighter, a bad guy stunt woman (I play the bad guy during the majority of trainings as well as with police/swatt/and military), and soon to be martial artist, amongst of a myriad of things I want to become. 

I just want to inspire others to be better through action. True leaders do that, through example. I want women to look at me and say, if she can do that, I can do it. We've accomplished some pretty incredible things over the last almost 4 months that we have been around, and I plan to do even bigger things as my group of Warrior Angels grow. 

2. Advice/Motivation for women trying to gain confidence?

Keep learning, be willing and ready to fail, and learn from the lesson. The greatest things I have learned in my life did not come from my successes, they came from my failures. We learn the most when things are hard, we fall, or fail miserably. But that's when the greatest transformation has the ability to occur.... will we continue on and try again? Or stay down and become a victim of life?

There are daily teachers all around us, and if we are willing to listen and learn, we will grow, as will our confidence. If we refuse, our growth will be hindered and we will become stagnant, never really accomplishing anything great. The journey is what makes us who we are. This is where the true successes are had and where the confidence comes from, continuing on in the face of adversity. 

Find Warrior Angels on Facebook to learn more about the organization and how you can get involved. Do you know an inspiring woman that you think should be recognized? Email us at hello@dfssaltlake.org.