Why You Should Donate to DFS Salt Lake


One year ago we launched Dress for Success Salt Lake City, a non-profit dedicated to serving women in our community by providing hope, support, and the confidence to succeed.  You are why we exist today. Thank you so much for helping us affect positive change in our community. We were, and are, continuously amazed and humbled by the generosity exhibited by you. You are a constant reminder of how engaged people can make big things happen.

This week we're thinking about that again. Running our organization is extremely rewarding and we rely on your kindness and charity to keep going. We are incredibly fortunate to be located in a place with such amazing people and I want to urge everyone to donate.

I don't want to demand that of anyone here—that’s not my place. But I do have one important value that I feel compelled to share; the value of compassion. 

We serve women of all walks of life. Our referrals come from domestic violence shelters, drug rehab, disability centers, employment services, and homeless shelters. We serve women who want to take the next step professionally, single mothers with children at home, women who have survived abuse at the hands of their husbands and boyfriends, and women who have beaten drug addiction. No matter what their background, they are dreamers striving for a better future. Let's help them get there.

We are proud to be part of their story and this year we have had many great successes. While this has been amazing, it has also caused some operational problems within our organization. The biggest of these problems is that DFS Salt Lake has OUTGROWN the space that was generously donated to us! We receive so many referrals and clothing donations that we need to move to a larger space this month or we will have to turn away women that desperately need our help to obtain jobs that will help secure their family's situation.

A new location will allow us to accept all much-needed donations and will give us the space to create a beautiful and welcoming space with changing rooms, allowing us to outfit up to three women at a time. We will be able to facilitate all of the referrals that we are sent and help us reach our goal of suiting 70 more women this year by Christmas. 

We have a new location picked out and urgently need your help paying the deposit and lease. Through your kindness, we will be able to help over women improve their family's situation before Christmas. 

It costs us approximately $100 to serve one women fully through the Dress for Success experience. Our $25,000 goal will help us serve 250 women, including 70 more before Christmas. Moving into a new space gives us greater capacity to serve more women in less time. What better Christmas gift than to change a life by giving the hope, confidence, and tools to a woman in need? 

Right now we are putting too many women "on hold" until we have the ability to help them. Dress For Success Salt Lake City is a 501(c)3 charitable organization so your gift is 100% tax deductible. Will you help by making a donation below?

Marina Agloro Executive Director marina@dfssaltlake.org

Marina Agloro
Executive Director

Our motto has always been "Going places, going strong" and because of your support women will be able to do just that. They will have the confidence to pursue their passions, the courage to advocate for themselves, and the hope for a better future. Imagine how many women will be able to say they turned their lives around, because of you. Thank you.